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Homemade Snail Costume Follow Up

Posted on October 01, 2013 by Darcy Le Fleming | 1 comment

Lately I have been getting a lot of website traffic from people looking for snail costumes because of this photo I posted of my daughter's snail costume last October. So I thought I would do a follow up post with some instructions because it was actually really easy to make. My big secret is that I only used a glue gun to assemble it. That's right folks, we're talking a no-sew Halloween costume!

Materials used:
  • 2 sheets of brown felt
  • 1 yard elastic
  • 1 pair of brown tights
  • yellow paint
  • glue gun
First, I drew an antenna-type shape on my felt and cut it out. (Use your child to measure where the antenna will land)  Next, I glued pipe cleaners inside to give it some structure. Side note: If I were to make them again, I would double up the pipe cleaners or use a stronger wire because they got a bit "droopy" after she wore them all day. After you glue in your support, measure the amount of elastic you will need to fit around your child's head and glue the two sheets of felt together leaving room to insert and glue your elastic in at the ends. Once your two pieces are glued together, trim around the edges and your antenna are complete.  Sorry for the awful I phone photos (this I why I never posted directions last year).

Next is the shell. I don't have any pictures of the process of the shell because I made it in the wee hours of the night while drinking wine and watching reality TV...but I think can explain it.
Cut one leg off of a pair of tights and stuff it with old t-shirts, rags or whatever you can find. Next, start at the toe and slowly roll it up like a snail using your glue gun to secure every couple of inches. When you get about 6 inches from the end, you will need to glue in two elastic loops for your child to put their arms through. It the photo below you can see the elastic loops a bit better. Finally, tuck in the open end and glue it down neatly. Now you have a shell! As a final touch, I painted it a bit and threw some glitter in the paint to make it look shiny.

A year later, this costume is still in heavy rotation in our dress up box and it has held up beautifully (much to my surprise). I know these directions are not great but I hope they will inspire you to go for it and make your own costume this Halloween. You will be super proud of yourself and your kid will be happy with whatever your make. This year my daughter wants to be a Parasaurolophus.... wish me luck and check back to see the outcome later this month.




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  • Kristin

    Yay, thanks for the full tutorial! Just found this after commenting on your other post. Very cool, you did a great job!


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