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Toilet Paper Roll Rockets

Posted on June 29, 2013 by Darcy Le Fleming | 1 comment

This little rocket project can be thrown together with objects you probably already have lying around your house. It would make a great craft project for kids attending your 4th of July party or you could make them ahead of time as party favors for the little ones. 


  • toilet paper roll 
  • take out chopsticks 
  • glue 
  • red, white & blue  paper 
  • red white & blue decorative objects
  • shiny tissue paper  
  • scissors

Note: I designed this project for Kids Corner at Habana Outpost so I had to purchase enough paper and stickers to serve the masses but you could easily sub out wrapping paper, scraps of material, painted pasta, magazine photos, buttons... just look around your house and get creative! 

First, cut a piece of paper to fit around the toilet paper roll and attached with glue. Next, make a semi-circle about 6 inches wide to make the point of your rocket. Take your semi-circle, curve it to make a cone and glue the ends together. Attach the cone to the toilet paper roll with glue. Now you can decorate your rocket with whatever objects you have gathered. Next, cut your shiny paper into half inch strips about 4 inches long and glue inside the bottom of the tube. Finally, glue the chop stick inside the rocket with a generous amount of glue.

Give the stick enough time to dry completely (about an hour) and then take those rockets for a ride - Happy 4th of July!








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  • Morrigan Williams

    My Son just asked if we can make rockets. Started googling and found your great tutorial!! Thank you!


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