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Zoku Pop Makers Make Mom a Hero!

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

We all know every kid loves a popsicle but we also know that the average pop is basically food coloring and sugar. So that's why we make our own, right? But what happens when they want one right away and you forgot to put the pops in the freezer last night? Why, that's when you turn to the Zoku Quick Pop my friend. This awesome little machine will freeze a popsicle in 7 minutes and you can make up to 6 before you have to refreeze! Just 7 minutes to take you from lame-mom-without-popsicle to Super Mom! 

And then, there's theMini Pop Maker. With this one you have to make your pops the old school way but they are the perfect size for when you don't want to spoil dinner. And because of their small size, a toddler can finish it before their body is completely covered with meted popsicle. I plan to do some conduct some popsicle experiments this weekend so check back next week for some recipe ideas. 



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