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Easy Fall Nature Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

kid made autumn candle holder

When autumn comes around my daughter Nadia starts hoarding the "treasures of autumn" like she is competing in a reality show for squirrels. We end up with piles of acorns, baskets of sticks and an atlas overflowing with pressed leaves. This past weekend I decided it was time to offload some of these treasures. The results were quite beautiful and I had an entire hour and a half without hearing "what can I do now?"


fall craft table

First, I set up a fall art table which included; mod podge, white glue, recycled glass jars, ribbon scraps, cardboard, paintbrushes, scissors and pressed leaves. When working with leaves it is important that you press the leaves for at least 24 hours otherwise they with curl up. We pressed ours in an atlas between layers of kraft paper for a few days. Oh, we also added gold glitter to our craft table because a crafternoon is not complete until your kid has glitter embedded in their scalp, right? 


Our first project was an autumn candle holder. To start, we cut a circle out of the cardboard slightly larger than the glass jar to create a base to make a wreath around the glass jar. Next, Nadia decoupaged leaves to the base and jar using mod podge. When you use mod podge with kids you need to remind them that it will dry clear and it's ok to really coat it on. 


glitter acorns

She also used mod podge to add glitter to the acorns. To attach the acorns to the base, I had her use white glue - lots of white glue.  It took almost 2 full days to dry completely but those acorns aren't going anywhere now. 


fall candle holder

We finished it off with a little ribbon around the top and now we have a lovely fall candle holder that Nadia insists on lighting before dinner every evening. 


glitter leaves

While we had our fall arts table set up, we made some glitter leaves to use on cards and to hang around the house. 


kid made autumn vase

We also transformed this little apple juice jar into a vase which is the prefect size to display some of the finer pieces of Nadia's "autumn treasures".  Crafting with nature can be fun for any age. Even 2 and 3 year olds will love glueing acorns, sticks and leaves to anything and it is so good for developing fine motor skills. Go grab some glue, see what you have in your recycling bin and get creative!








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