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Milk Jug Easter Basket

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Shawna Chandler | 1 comment

Here's my take on turning a one gallon milk jug into a personalized basket any little one will be happy to find Easter morning.  

- one gallon milk jug
- heavy duty scissors or kitchen shears
- Modge Podge or wood glue
- brush
- fabric 
- felt scraps
- tacky glue

Cut the jug as shown.  Remove any labels if you're using lighter fabrics because they will show through.  To make the handle, simply tape the two flaps together.  

Cut a strip of fabric that wraps around the jug with several extra inches on the bottom.   Use Modge Podge or a mixture of equal parts wood glue and water to adhere the fabric to the basket.  If you've never used Modge Podge before it's very easy.  Paint a generous coat of glue right on the jug surface, lay your fabric down then apply more glue onto of the fabric until it's smooth and completely wet.  First glue the fabric around the sides of the basket leaving the extra fabric at the bottom dry.  Snip the overhanging fabric so that it can fold onto the bottom of the basket, glue in place and add a circle of fabric to cover the overlapping flaps. 

At this point you can hang the basket up to dry for a few hours.  Once the base of the basket is dry cover the handle in fabric and let that dry as well.  While it's drying you can make felt flowers and letters to decorate your basket with.  Once the basket is dry attach felt with tacky glue and you're done!  

Check back next week for some more creative Easter egg ideas from Shawna!
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