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Dinosaur Eggs!

Posted on March 07, 2013 by Shawna Chandler | 1 comment

Here's a fun new way to up the ante for your Easter eggs.  All you need in addition to basic dying supplies is a few old birthday candles.  I used Betty Crocker candles and they were great because the entire candle is boldly colored unlike some that were only colored on the outside.  Let's start! 

You need:
- Birthday Candles
- Hardboiled or blown eggs at room temperature
- Vinegar 
- Food Dye
- Something to protect your work surface like wax paper or news paper

Applying the wax requires fire so I did it myself but the little ones were mesmerized so it's still fun for everyone.   Cover up your work surface.  Secure one candle in a small dish and light it so that you have a constant source of heat.  Take another candle but do not light the wick.  Instead hold it above the flame high enough that the wax does not start turning black but low enough that it does melt and run down the candle to the wick.  The wick is now a sort of wax paint brush.  Once the melted wax begins to drip off the brush, lightly touch the brush to your egg.  You'll probably need to use one egg to practice this a bit.   I definitely took a while to get the hang of it but after that first egg the rest were a snap.  Too hot and the wax runs, too cool and it doesn't do anything...  No problem, though.  Simply scrape off the not-so-perfect dots with your thumb and keep going.  Set them on a dish towel, paper towel or drying rack to cool down.  Don't worry about hurting your wax dots when they're cooling because they are surprisingly durable.  After a few minutes you can get the little ones involved with dying just as you would any other eggs - swirl them around in diluted food dye with a bit of vinegar added until they are bright enough for you.  I did make sure my dying water wasn't too hot to protect the wax and little fingers.  

 As soon as we finished the kids shouted "Dinosaur Eggs!"  and they nailed it.  These look just like what awesome, technicolor dinosaurs would lay as eggs.  

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  • Claudine

    Awesome idea! We can’t wait to try this.


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