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Paint Chip Sweetheart Cards

Posted on February 04, 2013 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments

Here's a sweet little valentine card for the minimalists out there.

What you need:
Card Stock
Paint chips
Heart paper punch (I used the small heart punch by Carl MFG)
Clear adhesive dots (not completely necessary but they sure make this easier... I used ZOTS in size small)

Fold your card stock into a card shape (mine is 4" x 5.5").  Place your ruler evenly along the top edge and mark a small dot at the 1", 2" and 3" mark.  Line up your rulers edge to those dots and repeat and then repeat once more to make a grid of 9 evenly spaced dots.  Punch out your hearts from the paint chips and using the adhesive place one heart on each dot.  I placed one bright red heart in the center with my grey hearts around it going from lightest to darkest.  I included a picture of a different pattern in case it inspires you.  

The other card is even simpler but I love it for just that reason.  Punch a hole in the bottom right corner of your card.  Make a dot in the center of that heart onto the inside of your card and then glue a heart onto the dot.  The hole and heart should line up perfectly.  I stacked two heart shapes on top of each other because I thought the extra height adds a nice touch although you can't see it in the photos.   

Older kids could most definitely make these cards with minimal help from you. Preschoolers like my little one may enjoy using the paint chip with holes punched out as a stencil and if you place the punched out hearts onto the adhesive dots little fingers can easily peel them off and stick them wherever they choose.  

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