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Cheap and Easy DIY: Puppet Theater

Posted on January 09, 2013 by Shawna Chandler | 1 comment

I have A LOT of cardboard in my apartment right now.  It will be bound and recycled eventually but why not play with it first?
Santa gifted us with a few puppets this year so I was inspired to make a puppet theater.  This one sits on the back of an arm chair and folds flat when not in use. 


Cardboard box roughly the width of your chair.  There's wiggle room here so as long as the width of the longest side + the short side is greater than the width of the back of your chair you should be okay.  My box was 18" w x 10" d x 13" h and my chair's back is 26" wide.

Scissors or a box cutter

Marker or paint to decorate

Step 1:
Cut off one of the long sides of your box.  Open it up and lay it flat.  Now sketch the stage onto your cardboard.  I didn't take a photo of the theater before cutting it out so I tried to recreate it here as best as I could.  Note - doing it again I would leave a bit more material where my sides touch the top of the tent or reenforce that area with tape.  I cut the arches that slide onto the chair in the center of my side pieces but you can adjust to suit your box and chair sizes.


Step 2:
Cut it out.  Careful! 

Step 3:
Decorate.  I just used a black sharpie to draw in a basic circus tent design.  I began to add color but my little one was so interested in decorating it herself that I stopped and let her finish after taking these photos.  Now we have a technicolor theater that she adores even more!  Unfortunately, I snapped these photos before she let loose.

Step 4:
Slide the theater onto the back of your chair and enjoy the show!

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  • Tanya

    What a cute and fun idea Shawna! Henry got some finger puppets for Christmas and this would be just right for them. Thanks!


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