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Yarn Christmas Tree

Posted on December 21, 2012 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments
Here's a little Christmasy craft that's perfect for those of you who, like me, just don't have the space to store decorations from year to year.  This is easily assembled and then just as easily taken apart and stored flat or reused(yarn) and recycled (cardboard).  The trees I made are fairly generous in size (18" and 10") and perfect for a bit of impact on a mantle or table centerpiece.  Here's how I did it.

A) Gather yarn, a cardboard box, scissors, a ruler, tape and any stickers you'd like to use for decoration.  

B) Cut out a rectangle roughly the height and width you'd like your tree.   Find the center of rectangle and draw a line from the top of your tree to the bottom.  Draw in your large triangle tree top and then the trunk.  The trunk can start out any size but must flare to be about half the width of the larger top or your tree won't stand up.  

C) Once you've cut out one tree, simply trace it to make another.  With a very sharp pencil poke a hole through the top tree and into the bottom tree about half way up the center line. 
D) After both trees are cut out you must make the slots to slide the trees into one another.  Use the hole you poked with the pencil as your guide.  Cut from the top on one tree and from the bottom on the other.  You may need to cut a slightly wider path if you are using thick cardboard.  

E) Fit the trees together and secure with tape.  Make small notches at 1" or so intervals along one side of the tree.  These are to secure your yarn and keep it from sliding up as you work.  Make a notch on the underside of the tree top and another on the underside of the trunk.  These are to secure your yarn when you're finished.  

F) Tape your yarn at the top and begin to wrap it around your tree.  The cardboard edges are rough and will help hold your yarn in place.  Don't worry if the yarn comes up a bit at the top.  Just keep wrapping keeping a steady but not too tight tension.  When you get to one of the notches you've made slip the yarn into it.   These notches will be all but invisible when the tree is done.  

H) Continue wrapping until you reach the bottom of the top section.  Use the notch you've made to secure the yarn and tape in place.  Do the same thing for the trunk with a complimentary color of yarn.  

Now decorate however you please.  I used a red piece of yarn like garland loosely draping it around then added gold star stickers.  

Have fun! 
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