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DIY Doctor Play Kit

Posted on December 06, 2012 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments

I have yet to find the perfect doctor play kit to sell at My Brooklyn Baby so until then, why not make your own? This post comes to us from Shawna Chandler - a super crafty Brooklyn mother of two and dear friend of mine. Enjoy!

When searching for a play doctors kit for my daughter all I found were cheap plastic kits sure to break or clunky wooden ones that didn't resemble the real thing.  I decided to put my own together and am thrilled at how it turned out.   There's still time to order and assemble this kit by the holidays if you get inspired. 

First you need something to keep your kit in.  Any metal lunch box will work.  I used this nurses lunch pail and it's just the right size.  This black lunch box reminds me of an old doctor's bag.  Of course every doctor's kit needs a stethoscope and why not get one that actually works and is specially made for little heads.  For the shot I used an oral medication syringe for a dog.  They're cheap, a very generous size and found at any local pet store.   Add a few things from any local pharmacy like an elastic bandage, fun bandaids, tongue depressors, Smarties in an old breath mint box as pills, etc... 

The options are endless and for roughly $30 you have a personalized, durable and functional play doctor's kit that can grow with your child.

Metal Nurse Lunch Pail ($9):
Plain Metal Lunchbox in black or white ($8-$13)
The black reminds me of an old doctor's bag. 
Elastic bandage with velcro ends ($3)
Ouch! bandaids ($5)
Stethoscope ($8)
Shot ($5)

If you want to go all out, add a child's size lab coat or scrubs

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