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Easy DIY Leaf Crowns!

Posted on November 05, 2012 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments

Here's a craft even the youngest kiddo can help with.  All you need is electrical tape and something I'm sure you have in abundance right now - beautiful leaves.


The photos say it all but here are a few side notes.  When putting the back layer of tape on be careful to match it up as well as you can because exposed tape + hair = ouch!  Also, if you've measured, cut and taped your crown together and you find it to be too small electrical tape is really stretchy so give it a good tug in a few directions and it should fit.  And finally, this project is very, very versitile.  There are infinite combinations of brightly colored tape and leaves, feathers, flowers, etc for the crown.  Let your imagination fly.

leaf crowns

leaf crowns step 1

leaf crowns 2

diy leaf crowns

tah dah!

This post comes to us from the lovely and talented Shawna Chandler - a diy goddess and super mom to two beautiful,  Brooklyn kids.

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