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Make Haunted Halloween Paper!

Posted on October 26, 2012 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments

Materials :  white paper, white crayon and watercolor paint

When your child's not looking draw ghost shapes, skeletons, pumpkins, etc... on the white paper with the white crayon.   Because the crayon is shiny you can kind of see what you've drawn but not very clearly and definitely not enough to ruin the fun for your little one.

 Set them up to paint and give them the "haunted paper".

 My little one shrieked with excitement each time she could clearly see what was hidden and then insisted on coloring in every inch of the paper.   Yay, wax resist!!!!

This post is courtesy of Shawna Chandler, a Park Slope mother of two and a diy queen.  Check back next week when Shawna will show us how to make magnets that your kids might actually play with.

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