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Fruit and Veggie Prints at Baby Breakfast

Posted on May 01, 2012 by darcylefleming | 0 comments

Today was the first day of Baby Breakfast at Habana Outpost and we had a great time (in spite of the rain) making fruit and vegetable prints.

We started out with a variety of fruits and veggies cut in half and just in case the kids decided to taste the "stamps" we used non-toxic, eco-friendly paints from Clementine and Eco Kids.


veggie printing at habana outpost

The rest is easy; apply paint to your choice of vegetable or fruit and stamp on the paper.


paint application

The important thing to remember is that kids under 4 are not really making art-it's about the process so let them explore and experiment.  The great thing about this activity is that it is an easy segue into talking about fruits and vegetables; what color is it, how does it smell, how does it feel, what do the seeds look like? Nadia was mostly interested in the different seeds and painting pictures of snails, but she really enjoyed herself which is the most important thing! 

 Be sure to stop by Baby Breakfast at Habana Outpost, every Tuesday morning from 10-12 (rain or shine!) And stop by My Brooklyn Baby to find eco-friendly, non-toxic art supplies!

Baby Breakfast is a collaborative effort of My Brooklyn Baby, Sean Meenan and Habana Works for more info about Habana Works, please visit www.habanaworks.org

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