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indoor toddler entertainment - what's in your bag of tricks?

Posted on November 02, 2011 by darcylefleming | 1 comment

Last Saturday our plans to go to the Halloween festival at Fort Greene Park were ruined because of the slush-snow storm and I was forced to pull out my "bag of tricks" to make up for it.

On this day my list of  indoor toddler entertainment included;

  • Making paper bag puppets - cut  eyes, lips, ect. out of old magazines and glue to bag
  •  Block relay races - place two large plastic bowls on opposite sides of the room and fill one with blocks. She then has to run back and forth to transfer all the blocks to the other bowl -seems a little cruel but she loves it and it really wears her out.
  • Paper airplanes - making a plane out of paper makes your toddler think you are so cool (use junk mail to make them)

With  Winter approaching I thought it would be fun to compile a big list of things to do
with your tot on a crappy weather day and I would love your input. Send me your ideas and
I will compile it and print on my next postcard so we can all have a little "cheat sheet" to hang on our fridge. You can post here, tweet, or Facebook me!

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  • hiccupbk

    I was (and still am) a big fan of homemade forts made from old blankets and sheets. Grab a couple of books and a flashlight for added fun! Great post My Brooklyn Baby, thanks for sharing!


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