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DIY Card Printing With Kids

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

I love the idea of handmade thank you cards from kids - especially when your kid can't express their gratitude in words yet. The problem is getting your kid to focus long enough to actually make all of the cards needed. Last year, we solved this problem by cutting up larger works of art to make the cards but this year I thought we would step up our card making game and try our hands at printmaking. 


Recycled cardboard or styrofoam

Hot glue gun 



Small paint roller or foam brush (to apply paint to stamp) 

Scrap paper

Blank cards or heavy paper to fold and make cards 

White glue 

Small paint brush (for adding embellishments) 

Alphabet stamps - optional 

Embellishments - we used google eyes and glitter but you could use buttons, ribbon, sequins, yarn or just leave it plain. 

Have your child draw the shape of their stamp on the card cardboard and then carefully cut it out with sharp scissors. You may need to assist with this part.  If it is a complicated shape (like this unicorn) have them draw the figure in "parts" to be assembled later; a circle for the head, rectangles for the legs, ect. Once you have all of the parts cut out, attach them to a larger piece of cardboard with a hot glue gun. You could easily use white glue but then you would have to wait at least hour for the stamp to dry completely before use. 

Once your stamp is assembled roll or paint your paint on and try some sample stamps on scrap paper. Your stamp will probably not be perfect but I think the little imperfections give it character. Once your child has developed their printing technique, give them the blank cards and let them go to town! If you have a set of alphabet stamps, you can use them to write a message. You can also write your message in marker or cut letters out of a magazine. 

After the printing, we let out cards dry and came back later in the day to add embellishments. We added google eyes and glitter but you could add anything or nothing at all. It is your card factory after all!

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