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Last Chance For Fall Leaf Crafts!

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

As I was walking to the store this morning (in 25 degree weather) I realized that most of the leaves have fallen off of the trees. Now is the time to get outside, collect the last of of those autumn leaves and make some festive turkeys in the warmth of your home. 


  • pretty leaves - it is best if you can press them for a day or so, but fresh leaves will work too
  • glue in a small container - never give them the whole bottle of glue unless you like to clean up glue...
  • paint brush - to apply glue 
  • marker 
  • construction paper for body, beak and mounting - if you don't have construction paper, check your recycling bin for cardboard or magazines
  • google eyes - if you don't have google eyes, try cutting eyes out of a fashion magazine. 

About Set Up

With small kids, taking time to set up your craft project is so important. A well organized craft table will invite them in to create and they won't have to spend their limited patience waiting for you to get your act together. 


Making the Turkey 

I showed the girls how to put the turkey together and then I just let them do their thing.  It turned out to be a quick, easy craft and a nice change of pace during our playdate. Hurry and get those leaves before they are all gone and Happy Thanksgiving! 




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