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Mommy Made a Parasaurolophus Costume

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments
Last year Nadia decided to be a Parasaurolophus for Halloween. In case your family is not as dino-geeked out as mine, a Parasaurolophus was a dinosaur with large a cranial crest.  It was quite the challenge but after the previous year's snail costume, I was up for it. 
This is Nadia with a "real" Parasaurolophus at Field Station Dinosaurs.
Below is a photo of the supplies that I used. I had planned to make a really great step by step post but the truth is I am not a great sewer - sewing just requires way to much measuring and exactness for my taste. I like to just jump in, see what happens and keep a glue gun close by to "fix" my sewing.
Basically, I made the crest out of scrap material and I used wire inside to help keep the shape before I stuffed it with polyfil batting. Next I sewed the crest to the top of an old jacket and added a velcro strap under her chin to keep the the hood from falling off. For the tail I used this tutorial from Running With Scissors - now that is a woman who can sew! To add texture to the coat, I made a stamp out of a potato and stamped the coat with fabric paint and there you have it. 
If you are reading this post and are planning to make a Parasaurolophus costume, I wish you the best of luck and I want to see photos! Just remember that they are kids and no one is checking your craftsmanship. Whatever you make, they are just going to think that you are awesome and that memory will stick with them for a lifetime. 
Happy Halloween! 
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