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This is New York

Posted on August 06, 2014 by Liz Blake | 0 comments
Since so many of my previous posts have been about books that I cherish from my childhood, I thought it was appropriate to discuss a few books that focus on this wonderful place that I inhabit now: New York City. This is New York, Good Night Brooklyn & Good Night New York City are wonderful children's books that focus on the center of the universe, this place we call home, NYC. 
Miroslav Sasek's This is New York takes readers on a tour of NYC with its gorgeous "retro-chic" illustrations. These images capture & hold the attention of readers of all ages. What better way to see the city's landmarks on a rainy day than through Sasek's colorful lense? I could easily flip through these pages all day. 






Similar to This is New York, Good Night Brooklyn, & Good Night New York City also take readers on a journey through this fine city. These two are a bit shorter, but are just as sweet. Both books guide readers through the passage of one day while featuring the city's main attractions in all four seasons. The rhythmic language, similar to Good Night Moon's, make it a great bed time read for you & your Brooklyn baby. 







I will leave you with a quote by Pura Belpre' that has stayed with me since my visit to the NYPL's exhibit "The ABC of it: Why Children's Books Matter:"


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