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Robot Cake and Party DIY

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Shawna Chandler | 0 comments

I recently threw a robot themed birthday party for my 3 year old.  Here’s a step by step walk through making my version of a robot cake which literally anyone can pull off.

What you need:
Boxed cake mix
9x13 pan or any rectangular cake pan
Sugar cookie dough
Powdered sugar
food coloring
Store bought frosting
tub of whip cream (optional)
Pack of cake decorating letters
aluminum foil

In an effort to keep things fool proof I opted to make the antennae, hands, eyes, mouth and a few gears ahead of time with sugar cookie dough and frosted it with a grey tinted powdered sugar glaze (powdered sugar with just a bit of water and black food coloring).  I stuck to simple shapes and just cut them out of the dough free hand.  It’s a good idea to do this step and bake the cake a day ahead of time and wrap both tightly in plastic wrap until you’re ready to assemble the following day.  For the cake I simply used a boxed cake mix and baked it in a 9x13 inch pan.  Allow it to cool completely before wrapping in the plastic wrap or your cake with get gummy and stick to the wrap.

Once you’re ready for assembly you need to cut the cake as shown here to make a head (bottom center), legs (bottom right and left) and body (top).  Please note that this cake is fairly large so you may not have a plate or stand that will accommodate it.  You can easily make one with cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil.

Here’s my robot layer out on the aluminum foil wrapped cardboard cake sheet.  I used store bought frosting mixed 1:1 with whip cream to lighten it up and a bit of blue food coloring for the body and a bit of black to make the frosting grey for the feet.

To make the legs, arms and neck I used Oreos with a bit of icing between each to keep them from rolling.  Pack them in tightly.

Now add your sugar cookie bits and pieces and the cake is really starting to look like a robot.

And finally I used the store bought letters you can find in the baking section of most grocery stores to write a birthday message and I used the “O” for eyes. (The package only comes with two O’s so if your kid’s name has an O you may want to buy two letter packs)  I had some red heart sprinkles left over from valentines day and threw those on just for fun.

That’s it!  If you can make sugar cookies and a cake from a box you can make this robot cake no sweat.

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