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Paper Flower with Straw Stems Tutorial

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

The idea for these flowers literally came to me in a dream during a restless night of sleep the week before I opened the store back in 2012.  I had bought tons of paper straws on a whim because I thought they were pretty but I had no idea how I was going to incorporate them into the opening party.  I already had tissue paper for wrapping presents but was still trying to come up with something special to make our gifts pop and suddenly I channeled my inner Martha and came up with these. Over the past two years, these flowers have become the signature of My Brooklyn Baby. People come asking to buy them and we are constantly giving tutorials. I had actually posted a diy on the blog when we first opened but I thought it was time for a refresher so people won't have to go digging through our archives. 

Step 1 - Cut your tissue paper into rectangles about 6" x 4".  

Step 2 - Fold 5 rectangles into an accordion with each fold about half an inch wide. 

Step 3 - Find the middle of your accordion and tie an 8" ribbon around the center. (we use wrapphia ribbon) Leave a 7 inch tail. 

Step 4 - Trim the ends to look like flower petals.

Step 5 - Thread your ribbon tail through the paper straw

Step 6 - Pull the ribbon tight, tape to the straw and clip off remaining ribbon 

Step 7 - Separate the layers of the flower. Be sure to do one layer at a time and pull carefully so you don't tear the paper. 

Step 8 - Pat yourself on the back! Yay! Now make about 100 more and use them to brighten the last couple weeks of this dreary, endless winter. 


Happy Almost Spring!


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