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Rainbow Birthday Party on the Fly

Posted on January 06, 2014 by Darcy Le Fleming | 0 comments

My daughter’s birthday is January 3rd and for the past two years we haven't planned a party because it's just too hectic around the holidays and she wouldn’t remember anyway… right? But this year was different. She was turning 4 and fully aware that parties are part of the package. She wanted a rainbow party and a cake with a rainbow made out of M and M’s... so I found myself throwing together my first kids’ birthday party.  Here’s how I did it and what I learned along the way.

FOOD. The venue for our party was Die Stammkneipe, a local beer garden.  We were able to preorder platters of yummy German sausages, pretzels and pitchers of apple spritzer from Die Stammkneipe and I brought rainbow colored fruit skewers and veggies with hummus. I also made rainbow whip cream (whip cream with sprinkles) for the fruit. The veggies ended up being a nice thought but the kids barely touched them. Note to self: less veggies next time. Another useful tip I discovered is that your can easily clip the dangerous points off of bamboo skewers with a pair of wire cutters.

CAKE. I was planning to make the cake myself but then I remembered that I have never made a cake from scratch so… I had a friend make it. It was delicious!

PARTY FAVORS. For party favors, we attached felt stars to ribbon with a glue gun to make rainbow headbands. For the gift bags, we hot glued the ribbon and used fuseable fabric backing to attach the clouds to the muslin bags I filled the bags with small sticker books, wooden spinning tops and mini-modeling clay. If I had more time, I would have loved to fill these bags with homemade cookies or recycled rainbow crayons.

DECORATIONS. Balloons were probably the most important purchase I made for this party. I bought 32 helium balloons and they added instant décor. They also doubled as entertainment since the kids literally played with them the entire time.

ACTIVITIES. We set up a table with premade butterfly masks for the kids to decorate. This space was a nice for kids who were feeling a bit shy and needed to ease into the party. I made a mistake by putting out glitter glue... it’s just messy and it takes too long to dry. Markers and crayons would have been just fine. We also had glitter tattoos and face painting. I hired a really talented 11 year-old to do the face painting and the results were awesome. At some point, she became a bit overwhelmed but some moms stepped in to help save the day. Basically kids just love face paint so if you can’t afford a professional, buy a face painting kit and find your most artistic friend.

ENTERTAINMENT. The night before the party, I woke up in a panic because I hadn't planned any entertainment. I literally googled party games for 4 year olds at 3am.  I had a list of games that I could organize quickly if needed but these kids were perfectly content with open space and balloons. Go figure. 

All in all, the party was a success. My little muffin was thrilled and there were no major breakdowns... I'm almost looking forward to planning the next one. 

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